Hi guys! Are you a game lover? Are you searching for addictive games? If YES! then this post is for you. So, in this post, I am going to share big android games (1GB games) with you. So, this post will be really awesome for you guys. Are you ready to play best games of about 1gb. 😉

Earlier gaming was considered for rich people, but with advancement of technology, it is no more costlier now, it is under access of a common man. Day by day, RAM of our phone are increasing, now it is available up to eight GB. In near future, it seems that there will be no difference in size of computer RAM and mobile RAM. In the childhood, I used to play 1gb or 2 gb size games on my computer but now a days it is easily compatible for our android phone also.

So, why not we play addictive android games with high quality graphics and amazing sound, when it is easily available and supportable on our mobile. There are so many big size android games are available online, some are offline android games and some are online. But I have choose some best of them.



Best 1GB Games For Android

So, below is 1gb android games list or Android games above 1gb.


#1. Pubg Mobile(1.44GB)

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: It is very popular game on mobile. You can think of its popularity as it has 100 millions plus downloads with 4.5 ratings.

It requires at least 2 GB mobile RAM and Android version above 5.1.1. Main feature is that you can team up with your friends to complete missions and can talk with them in any corner of this world in real time. So download this very addictive game.

Main features of PUBG are:

  • High-Quality Graphics and HD Audio
  • Realistics Weopons
  • Travel in Style
  • Fair Gaming Environment


#2.  Implosion : Never Lose Hope (1.43 GB)

This game is famous for its stunning-console-quality graphics and voice quality. It has 4.4 ratings and 5 millions plus download on the Google play. While playing this game, you will feel like Terminator who saves human life.

So, give this game a try, it deserve. It contains app-in purchase.


#3. WWE Immortals  (1.57GB)

This WWE game is one of the best action game on the PlayStore. It is even better than real WWE for game lovers. HaHa!!.  It has also 4.4 ratings with 5 milions plus downloads on Google PlayStore. You will feel amazing while playing this games.

Some of its features are…

  • Online Multiplayer
  • Massive Roaster
  • Power Fight
  • Amazing 3D Graphics


#4. Asphalt Xtreme : Rally Racing (1.52GB)

No roads No rules: This is one of the best racing games by the Gameloft. It has 4.5 ratings and 10 millions plus downloads.

This game is for them who does not like conventional racing games. If you think out of the box, if you break the rules, if you can not be in limit of tracks, if you like adventure then this racing game is for you. So, download this game for free.


#5.Need For Speed : No Limit(1.2GB)

Are you racing game lover? If yes! this game is for you. This game is developed by Electronics Arts(EA). Over 50 millions people has already downloaded it and also this game has 4.4 ratings.

Now drive fast and fearless with your dream cars like BMW, McLaren, Porsche and more. So download now and enjoy the feelings of racing.


If you are football lover then this game is for you guys. Build your own team with your favourite player and play with your friends anytime and anywhere.

This game has 4.4 ratings and above 10 millions downloads. So, build your fantasy squad and test it out.


#7 Dead Effect 2(1.1GB)

This game has 4.3 ratings and above 1 millions downloads. It has movie quality sound track. You will feel realistic effect and stunning environment. This game is made up with using latest Android and NVIDIA technology.



Hope you have liked this article about 1 GB games for Android. If you have played big size games other than this and you think that games should also be in this list, then feel free to comment.  You can also share this article with your friends and family members. Thanks 🙂