If you are an MI user you will know about MiUi. Actually, MiUi is based on the Google Android operating system developed by the company Xiaomi. The popularity of MIUI is due to its very interesting features such as theming support. Now  Xiaomi is going to launch MiUi 9, After the success of MiUi 8. You can find MiUi 9 Beta Testers and MiUi 9 ROMs on the internet because it has been already released.

MIUI 9 Supported Devices

MiUi will support all major MI phones.I am going to tell the list of all models. Xiaomi Mi 6, Redmi Note 4 ,Redmi Note 4X (First phase devices) Xiaomi Mi Mix, Mi Note 2, Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, Mi Max, Mi Max 2, Redmi 4 and the Redmi 4X.(second phase devices) Xiaomi Redmi 2, Redmi 2 Prime, Redmi Note 3, Mi 3, Mi 4, Redmi 3S, Redmi 3S Prime and more (third phase devices) Now there will be an excitment in your mind to know all the new stunning cool features of MiUi after seeing your device has been mentioned in the above list. 😉 Well, I am going to reveal all the new features.

MiUi 9
MiUi 9

MIUI 9 Features

In MiUi 8 they include many interesting features like the dual app, second space and many more.Now it’s obvious that we will expect much more crazy and cool features in MiUi 9. Believe me, MiUi 9 will be very different from all previous MiUis. It will be based or developed on some different concept.


As you know Android Nougat has new features of splitting screen that means you can run multiple apps on the same screen(suppose you are scrolling on Facebook, at the same time you can use messenger to chat someone on the same screen). Its a completely new concept and now MiUi has also released this features. Now, what you should do to use this feature? Don’t worry I am telling you. 🙂 You have to just tap on the recent button and from the top left select the option SplitScreen Mode.Now you can select those apps which you want to use in multiscreen mode.Really interesting?Isn’t it.

 2.Mi Smart Assistant – Quick Card

You will be knowing about smart assistance like Siri and Google Assistant.Similar to these, MI has also released its own MI Assistant. You just need to do a right swipe on your device home screen and you will find Quick Card which includes many pieces of information.Interesting is that you can search anything on your device.It is a google search for your device.

 3.MI Image Search

It is a unique feature that MI has added in MiUi 9. Suppose you have many photos on your device and you want to search a particular photo then type some keywords related to that in search and you will get a result.It is like Google Image Search.It is a very smart feature.It can search “smiling baby photos” among many photos of the baby. You can also search text in photos. Interesting, Isn’t it?

 4.Mi Smart App Launcher

Suppose if your friend sends you an address on Whatsapp or somewhere you need to copy that and paste it in into a navigation app. But this MI smart app launcher has the facility to automatically analyse the text and suggest you the apps to open that. So you will not have to much work like copy and paste.

 5.Home Screen Customization

In MiUi 9, there is a major change in Home Screen.Now there will be three options in button menu.Apart from this, you can move many apps together from one screen to another.

 6.Fast App Launch

In MiUi9, a lot of optimization has been done for app launch. Now apps will open at very fast speed whether it is gaming or normal apps.

Many other feathers have also been added.

How to Install MiUi 9 on your device

If you want to try the app before the official released then you can download it from MiUi site.
Download MiUi 9 ROM from here.
Now transfer the downloaded file to the root directory of your device.
Now you can flash it from update option or recovery mode.

However, if it will be officially released then simply go to your phone setting >>About menu and update your

I think I have covered all things about the release of MiUi. Until an official announcement, this is just my view. We can say in general, MiUi will cover all new features of Android Nougat. Now, just wait for release.:)
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