Looking for no wifi games or games that do not need wifi or say offline games? Well, here, I am going to list the best offline games to play. There are many games that run without wifi but they are very excellent to play. I have tried to list offline games (No WiFi Games) of about all categories.

Why No WiFi Games?

No WiFi Games - free games without WiFi for Android and iOS
No WiFi Games – free games without WiFi for Android and iOS

Yes! today mobile phones have many things in it. It has your shopping centre, your doctor and your adviser. It also facilitates you to relax via best free offline games. The best part is you do not need any wifi connection to run these games. You can play whenever and wherever you want. It also saves your battery as wifi takes the extra battery to work. So, free games without wifi are the best games ever. Gamers love offline games as they do not need to think more about charging.

1. Asphalt 8 airborne | Free Games Without Wifi

When it comes to games, many people like to play racing games. So in my list of no wifi games or games without wifi, the first game is Asphalt 8. In this game, you will find the world full of excitement, challenges, arcade fun on the road to the top. Here, you will find the amazing and most high-performance machines ever created, either cars or bikes, that you will ride. One of the main attractions of this game is MultiPlayer mode. This game is a masterpiece, I recommend you to anyone who likes racing games or even those who doesn’t.

So, are you ready for real HD stunt racing experience? Are you ready to ride bikes or cars of your dreams like Ferrari, Mercedes or Audi? , Are you ready to rock on the road with your dream vehicles? If yes, then download this game (you will find the download link below).

Download Asphalt 8 Airborne

2. BADLAND | Best Free Offline Games

Barland is an award-winning game and one of the games that do not need wifi. This game runs so smoothly and has very amazing graphics. It is very addictive and challenging game, you will fall in love with it at the very first instance. It has well-implemented physics and controls and interesting visual art and a creative (and subtle) soundscape make this a very satisfying experience.

Barland also features the local multiplayer mode, four players can play this game at the same device. This game has over 15 million downloads on google play with 4.5 ratings, so this data is enough to say that it is an amazing one and you will definel]tly going to enjoy this.

Download Barland for Android       ||     Download Barland for iOS

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3. SMASH HIT | Best Game to Play without WiFi

A first-person arcade game, extending to a beautiful and surreal journey of smashing everything coming on the way! A real anxiety handler with an eye-pleasing graphics.  A gameplay with a musically synchronized path to destruction. Over 50 different rooms of complete glass breaking experience, divided into 11 different graphic styles to choose from will lead you into a totally new dimension.

Smash hit with a completely free gameplay, also provides a no-ads experience. It comes with an optional premium upgrade feature that can provide you with new game modes, direct cloud save across more than one devices, well-explained statistics and the ability to continue from saved checkpoints just by one-time in-app purchase. Get some real anxiety burster with some real glass shattering experience that is musically comprehended.

Download Smash Hit for Android       ||     Download Smash Hit for iOS

4. Plants Vs Zombies | Tower Defense Game Offline

So, we here are talking about a totally out of the box game. A no wifi game with a totally new notion and of course one of its kind. You are provided with a vivid range of special power plants and you battle around with zombies in order, to defend your house. This game also provides different types of gameplay including a variety of mini-games.

A totally addictive and class of art game packed with an awesome graphical visualization. Keep on levelling up to get the different supernatural plants unlocked. If you are a zombie lover this is the game that would totally suit you. The mesmerising sound effects totally complement the theme of the game. This game also demands strategy in order to tackle the huge waves of zombies trying to hijack your home and eat your brains out. A game worth giving a try, a total boredom buster and strategy tester.

Download Plants Vs Zombies for Android 

Download Plants Vs Zombies for iOS

5. Real Cricket™ 18 | Best Free Offline Sports Games Without WiFi

Now comes the turn of an epic cricket game which has revolutionalized mobile cricket gaming and has taken it to a whole new level. Here we are talking about Real Cricket ’18 which released in the year 2018 in the month of February. From the very first day of its release, it has done justice to its name by bringing the most realistic and authentic experience of cricket gaming to your android phone.

It comes with a lot of game modes such as tournaments like the Indian Premier League(IPL), Cricket World Cup, Champions Trophy, Asia Cup and many more. The USP of this game which differentiates it from rest of the cricket games is its graphics quality that makes the gameplay of this game look so real. With Decision Review System, Slow motion replays and with authentic batting shots and bowling actions as well, this cricket game is as exciting as it gets. Do play this game and enjoy the most real experience of cricket gaming.

Download Real Cricket 18 for Android

Download Real Cricket 18 for iOS


6. Archery Master 3D | Archery Game Offline

It is one of the famous 3D simulation games that do not need wifi. While playing, you will feel ultra-realistic archery experience. This game has amazing graphics and stunning 3D games. The gameplay is very simple as you have to only shoot the bow at the target position

Download Archery Master for Android

Download Archery Master for iOS

7. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown | offline android game

Now, we are going to have a look at an offline game which is truly enormous and open Wild West frontier consisting of cowboys, bandits and much more.

This action-packed thriller game has 40 missions with the great variety of tasks for you to overcome. Do play this game to freely explore an open world set in Arizona and Oregon full of events, mystery and challenges for you

Download Six-Guns for Android  ||  Download Six-Guns for iOS

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8. Despicable Me || free games without wifi

I think you must be aware of Minions! Yes, Despicable Me is 3D runner game where Minions will running collecting bananas as points. It has OVER 860 MILLION PLAYERS GLOBALLY!. You have to rush to collect bananas to score more and also play exciting challenges.

This is free No wifi games, so you can download it and play for free of cost, however, this game has in-app purchase. Sometimes, this game is also called Minions Run. This is among the top-rated free offline games for Android and iOS.  At last, I can only say that this game is very addictive and its graphics is amazing.

Download Despicable Me for Android  ||  Download Despicable Me for iOS

9. Brain It On! || games that do not need wifi

As the name suggests, it is like a puzzle, to solve this you have to use the brain. It has dozens of brain bursting physics challenges. It is 2D games, you have to make simple structures but sometimes knowledge of physics will definitely help you to make the structures perfect.

You will find multiple ways to solve the puzzles, but you have to find the best solution. Share your solutions and compare with your friends. So, are you ready for solving brain busting physics puzzles? Download it from the below given link. This game is among the top offline games for iOS or Android.

Download Brain it On for Android   ||   Download Brain it On for Android

10. Shadow Fight 2

Are you an action lover? Shadow Fight is among the best action offline games. This is a 2D game, has a character “Shadow”, who fights with invaders. While playing this game, you will feel like Marshal experts. This game has various stages to play and fight.

This game has app-in purchase but you can play also without purchasing. So, are you ready for playing one of the best offline action game? You can download it from the given below link.

Download Shadow Fight 2 On for Android

Download Shadow Fight 2 On for iOS

Bonus Thing-

Do you want to play these games on PC, Yes! You can. I have written a detailed article on how to play mobile games on PC. Check out, Guys!!!!

So, this was my list of No wifi games. Hope you will enjoy all the offline games mentioned. Share your experience in the comment box.

If you know any other interesting and valuable no wifi games, then, also tell me via comment so that other people visiting on this post may know about that game.

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