Presently, virtual girlfriend are not just constrained to motion pictures and computer games and fictions, we have numerous applications that have highlights of the virtual girlfriends. Yes! you have heard right, technology has made it possible. After researching a lot, Techhiss has brought you top 10 and best Virtual Girlfriend apps.

It is extremely painful and sad to watch everyone around you talk about love, fall in love and you are single, maybe you have superior choices in terms of the life partner or nobody understands you the way you are.

What are Virtual Girlfriend apps?

These Virtual girlfriend apps are specially developed for the people who miss being in a relationship. In these apps, you have rights to choose or design your virtual girlfriend’s hair colour,  body shape, eye colour and many others things. You can talk to her, go for outing, spend time with each other and make her laugh just like real life.

So, below is the list of best virtual Girlfriend apps or best dating simulation apps.

10 best Virtual Girlfriend App for Android & IOS

1. Dream Girlfriend

Likely Dream Girlfriend is the best one in the list of best virtual girlfriend apps. You can create your own kind of dream girlfriend. You can choose her hair colour, eye colour, hair length, height, body shape and many other things.

best virtual girlfriend apps
best virtual girlfriend apps

This app has the best graphics as compared to other so it is at first on the list. It includes the wide range of clothing and stylings which you can try on your dream girl. You can choose among 11 personalities and the best part is that it gives you the option for romantic dates.

Click here to download DreamGirlFriend APP


2. Virtual Girlfriend Momoda

Next app in the list of Virtual Girlfriend Apps- It allows you to choose virtual Girlfriend. This app provides almost all features a girlfriend must have. You can love her, talk her and gift stuff to her. Even you can kiss her and date her. 

best virtual girlfriend apps
best virtual girlfriend apps

Like I have discussed the first app, this app also allows you to choose clothes, hair, glasses, shoe, pants, hats and other. Also, this app provides you 3D character ie, the model which can rotate 360°. With this 3D feature, you can see every angle of hers.

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3. My Virtual Manga Girl

Next app on the list of best virtual girlfriend apps is My Virtual Manga Girl. This app allows you make manga simulated gf and also like other apps, this one is also user-friendly.

best virtual girlfriend apps
best virtual girlfriend apps

It includes features like games, dance, chat room, also face features like kitten ears and Car eyes, 360° rotation, and many other features. This app also includes a mini-game which lets you earn money and buy stuff like gifts, accessories, shopping, food etc.

Click here to download My Virtual Manga Girl APP

Click here to download My Virtual Manga Girl APP (iOS)


4. Girlfriend Plus App

Have You ever felt like talking to someone but due to your shyness, you didn’t talk. If yes! This app provides you with the same back line story. Where you or the girl you saw start to have a conversation and end up being in a relationship.

best virtual girlfriend apps
best virtual girlfriend apps

In starting of conversation, both of you try to know each other and exchange own pics.  This app also offers a voice message facility where the girl you are talking to starts sending you sweet voice messages as well.

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5. Naughty Girlfriend

Next app in the list of best Virtual Girlfriend apps is Naughty Girlfriend. This app is a little bit different from other apps. Here, you are not only limited to have simulated girlfriend and do chatting with her but also you can dance with her. The virtual girlfriend reacts to your touch, you can make her happy, sad and angry with your touch.

best virtual girlfriend apps
best virtual girlfriend apps

By showing off your naughty chats with your dream girlfriend you can also make someone jealous. So don’t miss the chance to have the responsive Girlfriend who replies your every sexy text.

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Wrapping Up: Top and Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

So, this was all about free and best virtual girlfriend apps with all features one would wish. I think this list will surely help you in having a beautiful girlfriend according to your taste. Share this with your friends on WhatsApp and FacebookPlease do subscribe our free newsletter to get the latest post directly in your mailbox. Thanks for reading this. 🙂