Having a happy employee is key to having a productive organization. 

And how do you measure employee happiness? Through engagement levels, of course. 
A good HR always has a well-planned employee engagement strategy in place, to promote a healthy and productive environment. After all, it costs more to lose an employee in terms of training and experience, than it does to retain one. 
In the name of employee engagement, too often companies go down the route of sinking money into high priced rewards or compensation programs. 
The answer to successful employee engagement can be a lot of low costs and can work on a larger scale than you might imagine. 
Leverage technology to give your employee engagement rankings a boost. 

Here, we will take you through 10 top employee engagement tools that can help your workforce be happier and more productive. 

1. A Good Internal Collaboration Tool: Slack

Slack is a tool that is used by many companies to keep everyone on the same page. In fact, it is thought to be the future generation’s answer to email. Slack makes it easier for teams to communicate with each other in real-time, have private conversations where required and to exchange documents in a safe manner. Having a team that collaborates is key to transparency, which better promotes a trust-based environment. 

2. An Efficient Visitor Management System: Ara

A visitor management system can be your first step to getting your company on the right foot forward. Ara is a visitor management tool that allows for virtual management of visitors to the company, whether it is for interview candidates, clients or even vendors, offering them the satisfaction of being greeted and sent to the right internal point of contact in a seamless manner. This can foster a more welcoming environment to anyone entering the office, and can even help your reception staff focus on more strategic work. 

3. A Compliance Tracking Tool: i-Sight

Monitoring risk and taking the right steps to mitigate them well in advance is key to any organization. With a compliance tracking tool like i-Sight, personnel can better manage projects, get key insights on any trends that are observed and monitor risks. This can help companies be more compliant with the regulatory framework, thus taking the burden off key personnel to manually monitor this. This, in turn, can allow these employees to focus on more core tasks that can boost their careers. 

4. A Digitised Onboarding System: Digidesk

One of the key challenges faced by the recruitment teams in HR departments is the lengthy onboarding process. From collection documents to screening profiles right up till successful hire, there is a long drawn process that can run into months. A digitized onboarding system like Digidesk can drastically cut down the onboarding time and also help to increase the efficiency of the overall process. Digidesk automates the entire onboarding process, right from document processing to reducing up to 90% of onboarding time. This leads to a better employee onboarding experience overall, making candidates want to stay longer with the organization and minimizing the risk of offer rejection from a new hire. 

5. A Tool to Promote Employee Wellness: Fitbit

While being a popular tool to monitor personal fitness, Fitbit has recently launched its wellness offering for corporates. Through Fitbit Wellness, administrators can provide their employees with easy solutions to manage their personal health. This is through personal fitness trackers that they can use, customized wellness programs they can follow and virtual coaching from professionals. When employees see that the organization cares about their health, they are more inclined to stay with the company for a longer time. 

6. An Effective People Management Tool: Peopledesk

Another key focus of HR in terms of boosting employee engagement should be around streamlining the entire employee management process. Peopledesk is a tool that enables HR to better manage the complete employee lifecycle, right from onboarding to exit, right on one platform. Peopledesk allows for the recruitment, leave and attendance management, paperless onboarding, management of key HR activities and documentation and keeps employees engaged through event posts and badges. 

7. A well-placed Corporate Social Responsibility Management Tool: G2

People always like to feel good, especially through community assistance initiatives. That’s why CSR programs are key to any good organization that wishes to leverage this feel-good factor to retain its staff. Use a good CSR tool like G2 to manage volunteers, identify the right NGOs that are in need and to figure out the best CSR implementation strategies. 

8. A Flexible Employee Survey Software: Inpulse

If you are looking to better understand the challenges your employees are facing on a daily basis and how best you can help them overcome these, then you need a survey management software that can track engagement. Through the release of pulse surveys on a regular basis, top organizations have achieved high levels of employee engagement. Inpulse is one such tool that provides real-time insights and an effective way to track the emotional engagement of employees. 

9. A Powerful Learning Management System: Lessonly

Equipping your employees with the right skills in real-time to face go to market challenges is imperative if you wish to retain your trained workforce. Lessonly is a simple to use, yet powerful tool that gives teams the power to unlock training that is specific to their work needs. Through easy to manage training options, and effective tracking of learner interest, Lessonly makes organizational learning a cakewalk for employees and administrators alike. 

10. A Rewarding Employee Motivation Tool: Reward Gateway

All said and done, at the end of the day employees like being appreciated for a job well done. While this may not always translate to monetary rewards, employees also love to receive recognition through badges, communications, and other ways that they can show off with pride. Reward Gateway provides a number of options to encourage a culture of employee appreciation and helps you track analytics for these initiatives. 

Finding the right mix of employee engagement tools for your organization is vital to increase employee loyalty, and hence reduce attrition. Choose the tools that work best for your staff and watch as satisfaction and productivity increase!

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