Do you have lost your Aadhaar No and want to find Aadhar number by name? Do not worry, I am here going to tell how you can find Aadhaar number online by name. So, this post is for those people who have lost their Aadhaar card or say Aadhaar number and want to search Aadhaar no by name only.

So, first I am telling what you will need to do for Aadhar card number search by name. You must have access to the mobile number that you have given during your Aadhaar card registration. So, follow the step by step to find your Aadhaar card number or UID by using the name only.

search aadhar by name
search aadhar by name


How to find Aadhar card Number by name

  1. First, go to the UIDAI official website 
  2. Under the section Select UID/EID, select Aadhaar Number(by default, it will be selected)
  3. Now, Under the Personal detail section, Please fill up your full name( registered on Aadhaar card).
  4. Now, enter the Mobile number or Email id. (given on the time of your Aadhaar registration)
  5. Enter the security code.
  6. Hit the get OTP button.
  7. Now, you will receive a one-time password(OTP) on your mobile number or on Email Id which will be valid for only five minutes.
  8. Enter the OTP and click on verify button.
  9. Now, a message saying “Congratulations! Aadhaar Number (UID) has been sent to your mobile/email.“ will pop up.
  10. So, now check your mobile or email id to get the Aadhaar No.

Hoping, you understood the process to find Aadhaar by name. Still, you have any problem regarding searching Aadhaar No by name, you can comment your issue in the below comment box.

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