So, you are going to delete your Instagram account permanently? Fed up with Instagram? Maybe your personal problem or whatever, here I am going to help you to delete your Instagram account.

There are two ways to go away from Instagram. You can either disable your Instagram account temporarily or you can delete your account permanently. I will explain both methods step by step in details.

How to disable your Instagram account temporarily?

If you want to take rest on Instagram, then you can temporarily disable your Instagram account. And in future, if you think to return back and write cute Instagram captions then you can.

So just follow the steps mentioned below…

  • You can not disable your account via the app. So you have to open in a browser and log in. You may open the website on desktop, mobile, laptop or tablet.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, you will see My profile option.
  • Now go to edit profile option.
  • Now on the bottom right corner, there will be an option “Temporarily disable my account”.
disable your Instagram account temporarily
disable your Instagram account temporarily


  • Now answer the question why you are disabling your account, and then Instagram will ask you to enter your password.
  • Now click Temporarily Disable Option.


How to Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently?

If you are completing fed up with Instagram and want to delete all your memories then you can delete your Instagram account permanently. Instagram will delete all things likes that you were never on Instagram, so carefully think before deleting your account.

Follow the following steps to delete your Instagram account Permanently.

  • Go to the deletion page. Here also you need to log in to the web, not from the app.


Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently
Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently


  • Now select the option Delete Your Account.
  • You will be asked the question that why you are deleting your account. Give the reason.
  • Now re-enter your password and confirm that you are deleting your Instagram account.

After deleting the Instagram account, you may also think of deleting the Facebook account.

Hope this article will definitely help you to delete your Instagram account permanently or temporarily. Still, If you have queries regarding this then feel free to comment.

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