Hey! Your Airtel sim card has been blocked and asking for to enter Airtel PUK code? Are you not able to make calls to other by your Airtel sim? Don’t worry. I am here, I will tell you methods to get Airtel PUK code to unlock your sim card. 🙂

So, Let me tell about what is PUK code.

What is the PUK Code?

Personal Unblocking Key is the full form of PUK. It is like a passcode and unique for every sim. It is used to keep the sim safe and prevents from any misuse.

Why we need PUK code?

Some people use PIN locking system to lock their phone. Though this is a good option, you may get in trouble if you enter the password three times wrong. Well, if you have set the password (or want to set a password in your sim card then you have to enter default sim pinand you have entered the wrong password three times then your sim card will be blocked and then you need to enter airtel PUK code. And, also if you enter airtel PUK code 10 times wrong then your sim will be blocked permanently and then you will not be able to do any activity via your sim card.


airtel puk code
airtel PUK code


How to Get Airtel PUK code?

So, if you want to get Airtel PUK code, then you need to call Airtel customer care. Dial 121(Airtel customer care number) from other Airtel sim and ask for your PUK code. They will ask some questions related to the blocked Airtel sim to check that you are the real owner of the sim or not.

While talking to Airtel customer care executive, You should keep the block sim card number with yourself, they will ask this. So, if you able to convince the customer care person, then they will provide the PUK code. 🙂

So, this was my post about how to get Airtel PUK code to unlock your blocked sim card. Hope this post will surely help you to solve your problem. But, still, you are getting problem let me know in the comment section below.

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