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Hi Guys! in this article, I will tell you the tricks or say methods to hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from Gallery on both Android and iPhone. Today, Whatsapp is very popular, and we spent much of our times in chatting on Whatsapp. We have Whatsapp contact with friends, family member and others. We receive and send many photos and videos which we want to keep with us but not to show in our Gallary. When we chat with our friends they may send some adult images and videos which we don’t want to remain visible in our gallery, or when we chat with our Boyfriend or Girlfriend, no things to say further as you can understand. 😀


Reason to hide Whatsapp Images and Videos From Gallery

The reason is simple to Hide WhatsApp Images and Videos from Gallery, because when someone or parents take our phone, first they attack our Gallary :D. And if you have some personal photos or videos, then you might be in trouble. So many people ask others or search on Google to hide Whatsapp Images from Gallary. Don’t worry about these all, I am here at TECHHISS to tell you in details the methods of “how to hide Whatsapp Images and Videos from Gallary” on both platform whatever you have either Android or iPhone.


How To Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos From Gallery In Android


Following are the step by step method to hide Whatsapp Images

  1. First of all, you have to install a File Manager App. You can install ES File Explorer (the best File manager App) by clicking here.
  2. Now open the app and find WhatsApp media folder. You can do this-> SdCard>>WhatsApp>>Media or Internal_Storage>>WhatsApp>>Media
  3. Inside the Media, you will find WhatsApp images and WhatsApp video.
    Hide WhatsApp Images
    Hide WhatsApp Images
  4. Click long on WhatsApp images then you will see many options will be activated, Now click on Rename option.
    Hide WhatsApp Images
    Hide WhatsApp Images
  5. Now, replace the folder name WhatsApp images by “.WhatsApp images”
  6. Now You can not see any WhatsApp Images in your Gallary.

The same thing, you can do with WhatsApp Videos. So, this was the best method to hide WhatsApp Images and Videos from Gallary on your Android phone.

How to Unhide the WhatsApp Images and Videos?

Now the question is how to Unhide the WhatsApp Images or videos folder in your Gallary. Don’t worry you can bring back your hidden folder. To do Unhide the folder, simply remove (.) from the folder name. 🙂

In case if you are able to see WhatsApp Folder then you need to turn on “Show Hidden Files” option. So, open the app ES file explorer and right swipe the screen. Now you will see there are many options or settings. Look for show hidden file and turn it on.

Hide WhatsApp Images
Hide WhatsApp Images


How does this App Work?

So, how does this work? On renaming the name can hide the files? Actually, Android Operating System is based on Linux, And in Linux, adding a dot(.) in front of a file or folder name makes it hidden.

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How To Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos From Gallery In iPhone

If you are iPhone user and want to hide WhatsApp Images & videos from Gallary, then don’t worry. I will explain step by step to hide WhatsApp Images & Videos. For iPhone users, it is very easy to hide WhatsApp media. Follow the mentioned steps.

  1. First, Goto your phone settings.
  2. After scrolling down, you will find Privacy option, click on that.
  3. Under privacy option, search for Photos option.
  4. You will find WhatsApp option there, simply turn it off.

If you have followed steps correctly, then you will not see WhatsApp photos in your Gallary.

At last

So, this was my method to hide WhatsApp Images from Gallary. I hope this method will surely help you to hide WhatsApp Images and videos, still, if you have any suggestions or problems, let me know in the comment box below. And if you have any other methods of “how to hide WhatsApp Images”, then also comment that so that we could get other methods also.

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