Hi friends, In this post, I will tell you in details about how can you know that someone has saved your WhatsApp number or not? or if someone has deleted your WhatsApp number/mobile number?

WhatsApp has been changed a lot in the last two years. Many things have been updated like chat encryption, voice recording, status etc.

Generally, we do these following steps to check that If someone has saved our WhatsApp number/contact number.

  • First, save his/her WhatsApp/contact number.
  • Now check whether his/her DP is showing to you or not
  • Check his/her last seen is showing or not
  • And the Most important check his/her status is showing or not

If you are able to view DP and last seen both, then still there is a chance he/she has not saved your number because these both settings have “Show Everyone” option. And if he/she have set these setting as “show everyone”, then still there is confusion.

But Status has something different settings, there is no option to show “the status” everyone or publicly. So, with the help of our status, we can know that if someone has saved our WhatsApp number/contact number or not. So, what you have to do exactly is just update your status and wait for that person to see your status if he/she sees your status then your WhatsApp number/Contact number has been saved by that person.

Or if you are able to see his/her status, then for sure that person has saved your number.

But, what is the exact method

or trick to know if someone has saved my WhatsApp number or not? Well, all the method that I have mentioned above is commonly used by us to know. But in this post, I will tell you the sure method or the exact method to know if someone has saved your WhatsApp number/contact number or not. My total intention is to tell the method that I am going to tell you now. Because this method will leave no confusion that your WhatsApp number has been saved or not.

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One of my friends met a girl on the dating app Tinder. And then they decided to meet in a restaurant. After meeting they exchanged their number by giving a missed call to one other. My friend Abhishek saved her number but got confused that if she has saved his WhatsApp number or not. So I decided to help and told him the method to know that that girl has saved his number or not.

Now, I am going to tell the same method that helped my friend. So, below I have explained step by step

How to Know If Someone Has Saved My WhatsApp Number or Not?

  • First, ensure that you have saved his/her number or not, if not, save first.
  • Now open the WhatsApp on your phone, You will see “Three Vertical Dots” on the right-hand side.
How to Know If Someone Has Saved My WhatsApp Number or Not?
How to Know If Someone Has Saved My WhatsApp Number or Not?
  • Click on the “Three Vertical Dots” and then click on “New Broadcast”.
  • This says “only contacts with your number in their address book will receive your broadcast messages”.
  • Now select that person number+ one number of your any friend to add to the new broadcast list and now send any message.
  • Now after some time, click on the message that you have sent and then click on the message info( symbol i in a circle).
  • If that person has saved your number, then his/her name will be in the section “Delivered to”.
  • If that person has not saved your number, that section will not show that person name to you.

How does it work?

On sending the broadcast message, only those persons receive your message that has saved your number. If a person has not saved your number, he/she will not receive any broadcast message from you.

Final words

So, I have explained how to know if someone has saved my WhatsApp number or not. Hope this article is going to help you surely. Still, you have any confusion or you want to give any suggestion then feel free to comment.

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