Mobiles became the basic necessity of human beings. No modern man can live without mobile. Everything is being done on mobile from shopping to studying. That’s why mobile became must have things in day to day life. It is literally impossible to live without a mobile just for just a day.

Mobile companies are trying to make them as slim as possible but they don’t want to lose the features of the mobiles. That’s why they usually compromise on the batteries of the mobile due to which the battery doesn’t last all day long, which is becoming a huge issue for the mobile users.

Fortunately, to solve this problem there is a solution which is power bank. Power banks are basically a battery which you can take along with you to charge your devices. All you have to do is to charge your Power Bank and you can then use it to charge your mobile along the way.

But there are many power banks available of different battery capacities, different USB outputs, different designs and different features. That’s why many users get confused while buying power bank.

Probably you are one of them, so to help out you I am going to share some tips which you can use to buy a power bank. Hopefully using these tips, you will find ideal power bank for you, so let’s begin.

Power Bank Buying Guide
Power Bank Buying Guide

Battery Capacity

                    The power bank is basically a big battery which you have to charge and then you can use it to charge your devices. So the most important aspect you have to look in the power bank is the battery capacity of the power bank.

The need of battery capacity of the power bank can vary from user to user. To determine what is the ideal battery capacity of your Power Bank, you should consider following points.


How much do I need?

                       Let’s suppose you have mobile having a battery capacity of 3000mah. Then Power Bank having the battery capacity of 10000mah would be ideal for you or should I say enough for you. Because you can charge your mobile at least 3 times if the power bank is of a good brand.


Why am I saying a good brand?

                    Because the conversion rate of a power bank differs from brand to brand. If there are two power banks having 10000mah battery capacity of each and one is from a trusted band or should I say well-established brand and the other one is a local kind of brand, then the conversion rate of the branded Power Bank would be higher than the other one.

Usually, the conversion rate from a branded power bank is around 80%-90% and other Power Banks can give conversion rate of 50% to 70%.

Remember no power bank of the earth provide hundred percent conversion rate (Some power gets wasted during power transfer). So if you buy a power bank of 10000mah, you will most likely to get 8000 to 9000 MH of output, which means you can charge your 3000 Mah battery capacity phone two to three times.


Size/Weight or More Charging Power

                        You have to decide between less weight or a small size or more charging power. Usually, Power Banks having a small size or slim Power Banks have less battery capacity than the power banks having big size, so you have to decide between those two factors.



                        Some Power Banks usually have one to two USB output, but you can find power banks having 3-4 outputs as well. So now you have to decide how many outputs you want. You can decide how many outputs you want considering following points.


Number of Devices

                     You have to decide how many devices you want to charge from your Power Bank. If you want a power bank to charge your mobile phone only, then the power bank having one to two USB output can do the work. But if you want to charge more devices like a fitness band, Bluetooth speakers or headphones then you should consider multiple outputs. Also if you travel a lot and you are usually travelling with your friend or any other companions then you should consider bank having multiple USB outputs.


Pass-Through Charging

                     Power Banks comes with many features but pass through charging is what I consider is essential features in the power bank. But some Power Banks don’t have such features as one plus Power Banks don’t have this kind of feature.

Pass through charging basically means that you can charge your power bank and your phone through your Power Bank at the same time.

We usually have only one mobile charger so if you want to charge your mobile and your Power Bank at the same time then this feature comes in handy.

When you charge your power bank and mobile at the same time with the same charger then what happens is that, first the power bank gets 100% charged and after that it will charge your mobile phone, so if you leave your power bank to charge whole night and your mobile through your Power Bank then the power bank will charge itself first until 100% and when it will start charging your phone. By doing this you will get your Power Bank fully charged and your mobile fully charged in the morning.


Quick charging

                          If you have a mobile with which supports quick charging and you have a charger which supports quick charging, then you should look for quick charging Power Bank.

 By doing this you can utilize the quick charging feature of your mobile using power bank as well.  Also, the power bank will get charged in the less time.



                      As the power bank is a big battery and you are going to carry it along with you. It’s always a good idea to look for a protective feature in the power banks. Power banks usually have to overcharge, over discharging and short circuit protection. So while buying a power bank you should look these protective features.



                     Another important factor while buying a power bank is the price. Power Banks comes in a variety of price range from 500 rupees to 5000 rupees and up to 10000 as well depending on their brand and quality. So you have to decide how much money you want to spend in the power bank.

If you want to buy a budget Power Bank then here is the list of best budget Power Banks under 1000 rupees from logical This list contains all types of power bank which are mentioned above, so it will be easier for you to choose budget power bank for you.

As you go higher you will get more power banks from a well-established brand like Sony, one plus etc. So Everything depends on your budget.

Decent power bank can be found under 1000 rupees. So you should at least keep your budget of 1000 rupees while buying a power bank. You can always go higher if your budget allows you.

That’s all about this Power Bank buying guide I hope these tips will help you to choose an ideal power bank for you.

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