Hi guys! I am here with a exiting topic How to add admin to Facebook group. When you create a group on Facebook, you will automatically become admin of that group. But if you want to make someone else also an admin of your group, then you have to follow some steps that I am going to tell about in this post.

Facebook group is a community, a wide social community. So, you may need another admins to manage the posts, comment etc in the group. You can add 20 or more admins as your requirement. If you appoint someone else as an admin, then he/she will avail the same power as of you and can also add other members as an admin.

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So, After creating a group, there may be a challenge that how to add an admin to Facebook group. Other than admin, there are also a moderator. So, do not confuse admin with moderator. Actually moderator is like admin but admins avail more power than moderator. You can make some members as a moderator to decrease the workload.

In the below picture, you can see what is difference between admin and moderator

So, now you may think that how you can add moderator to Facebook group. In this post, I will also cover this. Actually the process is same as how to add admin to Facebook group.

Steps to How to Add Admin to Facebook Group

So, below are the steps to add admin to Facebook group.

=> Log in to your Facebook account.

=> Go to the Groups. On the left side of your desktop screen, you will find the Groups option under the explore option. Click on the Groups option

groups option

=> You may see some pending invites. So, below this, Under the section Group you manage, you will see all the group that you manage. Now click on that group, you want to add admin.

my group

=> Now, on the left side, you will the members option. Click on this, you will see now all the members of the group listed alphabetically.

=> After that, you will see three dot in a box beside the member to whom you want to make admin or moderator of the group. Click on that dots, you will now see a drop down menu.

=> Now its your choice, whether you want to make admin or moderator, select the option according to that. And confirm.

So guys! this was all about the post how to add admin to Facebook group. Hope this post will surely help you out. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can comment below. Your comment are more valuable to us. They give us enough motivation to write more article like this.

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