If you are curious to know how to transfer Vodaphone balance from one Vodaphone sim to other Vodaphone sim then you are the right place. Here, I am going to explain the easy way to transfer your Vodaphone balance also will tell you the USSD code by which you can easily transfer Vodaphone balance from your Vodaphone to your friend Vodaphone number. You have to do nothing but simply enter the USSD code and mobile number of the person to whom you want to transfer the money.

If you are a prepaid user then you can face zero balance problem. So in emergency cases, You can use two Vodafone services to take balance ie. Transfer Vodaphone balance method and Vodaphone credit loan.


What is Balance Transfer?

Balance transfer means you can send your main balance to others by using the USSD code. There is one condition that both users must be on the same network and in the same circle. Also, some service fee is deducted from the main balance. So, you can easily transfer Vodaphone balance by using Vodaphone balance transfer USSD code. 


How to transfer Vodaphone balance from Vodaphone to Vodaphone

What you have to do is just dial this USSD code to transfer Vodaphone balance.

Dial *131*<Amount>*<Number># 

example- *131*20*9999999999#

If above method does not work, you can also follow this method.

  • Dial *111*3# and proceed
  • Now select the 5th option Bill Pay Recharge & Balance Transfer and proceed
  • Select Balance Transfer option and proceed


Terms and Condition of Vodaphone Balance Transfer

  • You can transfer balance between Rs 5 to Rs 30 only.
  • Service charges-Re 1 for transferring RS 5 to 9, Rs 2 for Rs 10-24, Rs 3 for 25-30.
  • You can transfer only once in a day.
  • You should be the customer of Vodaphone for 5 months at least.
  • Reciever to whom you have to send balance should be Vodaphone user for at least 1 month.


transfer vodaphone balance
transfer Vodaphone balance

Vodaphone Credit Loan

sometimes we have no balance in the phone, so in this situation, you may avail this amazing service Vodaphone Credit Loan to take an instant loan.

Just dial *111*1*3# from your phone keyboard and select the option talk time loan or Chhota credit option from the menu and then reply with 1. Vodaphone gives you Rs 5 for an instant loan. Later, when you will recharge your phone balance, The company will deduct Rs 6 from your main balance.


Now, easily transfer Vodaphone balance from Vodaphone to Vodaphone. It is also tested by me and 100 percent working Vodaphone money transfer code. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates. Also, share this method with your family or friends and help them to transfer Vodaphone balance. If you have any queries and suggestion, feel free to comment. Also, you can like our FB page and follow on Twitter.