Many industries rely on the quality of stainless steel because of its resistance to corrosion and durability. From jacket zipper to airplanes, stainless steel has become a crucial part of modern life. It is low maintenance and is 100% recyclable, This makes it eco-friendly, despite its long life cycle. There are over 150 grades of the materials, ranging from cooking ware to stainless custom 630 products.  Here are some of the most common uses of stainless steel.

Construction and Architecture

The art-deco period was the first time stainless steel become prominent, and the upper area of the Chrysler Building is famously constructed from the material. Because it is flexible and durable, it used for modern construction from things like handrails, backsplashes, and the exterior cladding for high impact buildings. Steel is easily welded, which is made popular in high-profile architecture like the Eurostar Terminal and the Helix Bridge in Singapore. The polished or grain finish helps bring natural light within a building, which helps reduce energy consumption.

Stainless Steel

Transportation and Automotive

In the 1930s, the automotive industry was first introduced to stainless steel by the Ford Motor Company. Since then, it has been increasingly used for car exhaust systems, grills, and trim, but environmental concerns have created additional construction opportunities for structural components. It is also used in ship containers, refuse vehicles, and road tankers. Because of its durability and high strength, thinner pieces can be used for constructing containers, while reduced fuel costs. The resistance

Medical Components

Hygienic environments need materials that are resistant to corrosion and can be easily sterilized. Dental and surgical instruments are constructed from the material, just as are kidney dishes, operating tables, and things like MRI scanners, steam sterilizers, and cannulas. Stainless is also put inside the with pins and plates to hold broken bones in place.

The stainless steel industry is booming, and applications all over the world are getting an upgrade. The eco-friendly nature makes it a wise investment, and the strength of the application makes it cost-effective.

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