It is important to be aware of your surroundings while out in public. When an event happens, you need to be prepared and act accordingly. In a serious circumstance, you need to make the most with the time you are given. Decision making should be quick and smart. Here are a few ways to help you in an emergency.


When you first walk into a room, you should become familiar with it. Know the entrances and exits of where you are at. If you are in a building with multiple floors, pay attention to where the stairs are and have an idea about the layout of the floors you are on. Knowing where you are located can help you stay calm during a situation when you need to find the quickest way out of a building.


When confronted with a situation that can cause harm to you, you should have some active threat solutions. Some states allow the use of concealed weapons for self-defense. Having something as simple as pepper spray or a knife can also deter someone who is trying to harm you. Some hand to hand combat training may help if it is a burglary or if a person is trying to threaten you physically.

Simple First Aid

There are classes and courses offered to teach you how to properly administer simple first aid techniques. In emergencies, you may have to perform some general maneuvers to save someone’s life. Learning CPR, along with the training of an AED machine, can help someone who is having a cardiac event. If someone is choking or has an item lodged in their throat, the Heimlich maneuver could save their life. Learning simple first aid can help you be prepared in the event of an emergency.

You may never expect to be a serious situation with someone where yours or their life is at risk. In the event that you are though, these tactics and knowledge could help save a life.

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