There are many reasons to own and run a printing press, including owning a printing press or being an artist. Anyone who uses a press knows there are certain things you need to do to keep it in good working shape. If you are contemplating purchasing a printing press, make sure to do these things to take care of it properly.

Clean it Often

Keeping a printing press clean is important for several reasons. Ink and debris build-up can lead to faster wear on the press’s parts, resulting in the need to buy replacement parts more often than should be necessary. Dust and build-up can mean more downtime for cleaning than you would need if there was a regular cleaning schedule. This means you might be losing money for the times you aren’t printing. Avoid downtime and damage by regularly using press cleaners to keep everything dust and debris free. 

Flush Out Water Systems

If your printing press uses water, the water system can quickly become dirty, upsetting the proper pH level and possibly ruining your print jobs. Make sure to flush out the system often and replace it with new water. Check to make sure your water source is stable to avoid ink and water balance problems. Be sure to fill up the reserve tank so you don’t run out of water.

Check the Heat Dryer Nozzles

It’s important that your print jobs dry quickly to avoid smudging and other imperfections. The nozzles on the heat dryers can become clogged, so it’s important to check them and scrape off any residue there might be on them.

Preventative maintenance can take time but it is worth it to avoid the hassle and lost productivity from having to take a press offline for repairs. Each press is unique so consult the manufacturer for specific cleaning instructions.