Do you want free VCC? Well, There are many virtual credit card providers in the market. But we have to choose one of them. So, I have made some easy for you by listing some company who provide virtual credit card free.

Before proceeding further, let’s talk about a virtual credit card in short. Basically, it is used by people for online shopping from Amazon, Walmart and more because the merchant asks for credit card. As the name suggests, it is like a temporary credit card which you can use as a credit card. It is a one-time use card, disposable cards.

Suppose, you are going to do a transaction with a new merchant and you have no any trust in him or you think that the transaction is being done on an insecure site. Then you can use this for safety purpose. A virtual credit card is a random number that is related to your credit card but Merchant will never come to know this is a virtual one. You can also fix maximum charges.


Best Free VCC (virtual credit card) Providers

So, below are some best virtual card providers. They may charge a very small fee as the transaction charge. Enjoy doing shopping with virtual card number with security and fastly.



Amex virtual credit card - free vcc

Entropay is one the best free virtual credit card providers. You can add money from bank account to Entropay account, also you can generate unlimited VCC with your location address. It charges a very small fee as a transaction fee.
Many bloggers use Entropay card for buying the domain name and hosting. You can also use this free virtual credit card for PayPal verification.


#2. Payoneer

 Payoneer virtual credit card

I think you may have heard the name of Payoneer, of course, it is popular. It provides prepaid MasterCard which you can use for online shopping worldwide. During the sign-up process, you need to verify your name, address, and other relevant information. So, this process may take a little time than other VCC providers.


#3. Netspend

Netspend virtual credit card - Free vcc

It is one of the best virtual prepaid credit card providers for US resident. Along with the prepaid debit MasterCard, it also offers prepaid debit visa card and commercial prepaid card solutions in the US.


#4 Neteller

neteller virtual credit card

It is another virtual credit card provider which say pay online with confidence. It provides a quick and secure transaction. Also, Neteller charges a very small amount on every transaction.


#5 American Express

Amex virtual credit card- free vcc

American Express, also known as Amex is a banking service provider and also provides virtual credit card free. So, now do shopping online, make other transactions with American Express VCC. It also provides Rewards, Travel and Bussiness Services.

Other best Virtual Credit Card providers are…



So, this was my post about the best free VCC providers. If you are using any other virtual card provider then let know in the comment box below, so that other visitors could know about that.

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